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Output List


(Binary format in lat/lon grid)


 Monthly mean 3D variables (over the entire domain):

(Levels: 1000, 950, 900, 850, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 hPa)

1). Temperature (K)                                                                              ta

2). Zonal wind     (m/sec)                                                                     ua

3). Meridional wind   (m/sec)                                                               va

4). Specific humidity     (g/kg)                                                              hus

5). Total diabatic heating  (K/day)                                                      tdh

 6). Vertical velocity (Pa/s)                                                                  omega 

 7). Geopotential height                                                                       ha


Monthly mean 2D variables (over the entire domain):

1). Sea level pressure                                      (Pa)                           slp

2). Precipitation                                                (mm/day)                   pr

3). Convective precipitation                            (mm/day)                   conpre

4). Surface air temperature (2m)                    (K)                              tas

5). Surface air specific humidity (2m)            (K)                              huss

6). Zonal surface wind speed (10m)              (m/sec)                      uas

7). Meridional surface wind speed (10m)     (m/sec)                       vas

8). Surface latent heat flux                              (w/m2)                         hfls

9). Surface sensible heat flux                         (w/m2)                         hfss

10). Surface ground heat flux                         (w/m2)                         hfgs

11). Surface downwelling LW radiation        (w/m2)                         rlds

12). Surface upwelling LW radiation             (w/m2)                         rlus

13). Surface downwelling SW radiation       (w/m2)                         rsds

14). Surface upwelling SW radiation            (w/m2)                         rsus

15). SW downwelling radiative flux at TOA  (w/m2)                         rsdt

16). SW upwelling radiative flux at TOA       (w/m2)                         rsut

17). LW upwelling radiative flux at TOA        (w/m2)                         rlut

18). Total soil water content                           (m)                               tsw

19). Soil wetness at the first soil layer                                               ssw

20). Soil wetness at the rooting zone                                                srw

21). Runoff                                                       (mm/sec)                     roff

22). Total cloud cover fraction                                                            ttlccv

23). Convective available potential energy (CAPE)                        cape

24).  Topography (m)                                                                          topo

25).   Sea surface temperature  (K)                                                 sst


Variables with diurnal variation (hourly output) over Sahel (20W to 30E, 0 to 25N)

1). Precipitation                                              (mm/sec)                     pdiur

2). Surface air temperature (2m, or T at canopy air space)  (K)     tdiur

3). Latent heat flux                                          (w/m2)                          lhdiur

4). Sensible heat flux                                      (w/m2)                         shdiur

5). Boundary layer height                                (m)                            blhdiur


Variables with 6 hour outputs over Sahel (20W to 30E, 0 to 25N)

1). Specific humidity at 950hPa                              (g/kg)                      s9506hr

2)  Geopotential height  at 950hpa                                                         za9506hr

3). Zonal wind at 950 hPa                                        (m/sec)                   u9506hr

4). Meridional wind at 950 hPa                                 (m/sec)                 v9506hr   

5). Temperature at 950hPa                                     (K)                           t9506hr


Variables with daily variation over North Africa (20W to 30E, 0 to 35N)

1). Surface air temperature (2m, or T at canopy air space) (K)            tday

2). Latent heat flux                                                                (w/m2)           lhday

3). Sensible heat flux                                                            (w/m2)           shday

4). SW downwelling radiative flux at the surface               (w/m2)           rsdsday

5). SW upwelling radiative flux at the surface                    (w/m2)           rsusday

6). LW downwelling radiative flux at the surface                (w/m2)          rldsday

7). LW upwelling radiative flux at the surface                    (w/m2)           rlusday

8). CAPE                                                                                                    capeday

9). zonal wind at 200 hPa                                                    (m/sec)        ua200day

10). zonal wind at 850 hPa                                                  (m/sec)        ua850day

11). meridional wind at 850 hPa                                         (m/sec)        va850day

12). Specific humidity at 850hPa                                        (g/kg)           sa850day

13).  Atmospheric temperature at 850mb                          (K)               ta850day

14).   Precipitation                                                                (mm/day)