West African Monsoon 

Modeling and Evaluation

  Forcing and   Boundary Data
  Output Data
  Data/Model Output Access
  Models GCM RCM

Model output data access:

For WAMME project anonymous ftp site is established. Anyone can upload files to be archived, we ask that uploader send Steve Williams (sfw@ucar.edu) and Scot Loehrer (loehrer@ucar.edu) an email when they do so. The email should include information on what the data set is and what files they have sent. The submission should also include a documentation file describing the data and format. 


The ftp information is:

ftp ingest.eol.ucar.edu
cd pub/incoming/wamme
just put the files there.

Note that you will not be able to see the wamme directory from pub/incoming. This is a security thing, the wamme directory is there.






Input data web site: