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The 1st WAMME II Workshop Announcement
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2013 West African Monsoon and its Modeling  Session


The 1st WAMME Workshop Announcement

Dear All,
 Our proposal for a session entitled “West African Monsoon and its Modeling” at the 2013 AGU Annual meeting has been approved. You may find it on the AGU Fall Meeting Web Site under “Atmospheric Section A072”.  This session has also been co-sponsor by Biogeosciences, Global Environmental Change, Hydrology, Nonlinear Geophysics, and Ocean Sciences Sections.   The announcement of the session is attached in this email.  Please distribute it to interested scientists encouraging them to submit an abstract to this session.   Please submit the abstract before 6 August, 2013.   AGU has very strict rule on this deadline.   No exception.  
 We will also organize the International WAMME-II workshop during the 2013 AGU meeting.   The last WAMME Session at the 2008 AMS Annual Meeting was very successful, and eventually a WAMME/AMMA special issue in Climate Dynamics was produced in 2010.  The WAMME II Workshop will be on Sunday, 8 December, 2013.  Bill is working with the AGU meeting organizers to schedule the A072 session in the earlier part of the conference week, so that it takes place close to the workshop.  The WAMME-II workshop will present and discuss the WAMME II results and other relevant West African climate research, the publication of a special WAMME issue and a BAMS paper, the dissemination of the WAMME II results to climate science community and to the West African community for societal application We will also discuss outstanding issues for further West African monsoon research and future plans for WAMME III.  Several African scientists will attend the workshop.
Many WAMME modeling groups have submitted their results.  For those who have not submitted, please do so soon.  The preliminary results have been presented at the 2013 EGU AMMA session.  We believe this WAMME II experiment will bring some important results for  West African monsoon research.   In addition to the group papers, we encourage each group to write papers based on, or relevant to, WAMME II for the special issue.  Ruby and Samson of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has completed a first WAMME II paper, which is about ready for submission.  For those who will complete papers earlier, please feel free to submit them early.   We are targeting Climate Dynamics for the special issue because it is low cost and has a very supportive editorial board.   If you have papers submit earlier, you may also consider Climate Dynamics.   It may be a chance to include in the special issue.  The last WAMME special issue was published very quickly under CD editorial board support.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions/questions.   We hope the WAMME AGU session and the Workshop will promote more West African climate research in U.S., as well as our collaborations with the West African scientists and scientists worldwide who work on the West African climate. 


WAMME Working Group